The story behind the pickle

Lil’ Paddy’s Pickle was founded by Karen Andrews, our chef and avid pickle maker. Karen made eggplant pickle for her family and friends for close to a decade before deciding to branch out and sell the product. Originally from Toronto, Karen lived and worked in Hong Kong for over eight years where she launched Lil’ Paddy’s Pickle with her business partner Fenella Fownes.  In 2018 the pair relocated to Burnaby, BC to launch Lil’ Paddy’s Pickle- bringing their brand of unique Indian pickle to Vancouver. It is easy to see that Karen genuinely loves making pickle and is passionate about delivering Lil’ Paddy’s to the Vancouver market.



Our pickles are made with an aromatic blend of Indian spices that make for a unique and flavorful addition to any meal. Our pickles artfully walk the line between spicy, sweet, and tangy. Lil’ Paddy’s Pickles are not your typical achaar! Each pickle has a unique and addictive flavor that goes as well with Indian food as it does in your favorite western dishes.

What is it?

Lil’ Paddy’s Pickle is a mighty fine achaar, the tangy but sweet (yet, spicy) staple condiment of India. Similar to a chutney in the sense that it goes with just about everything, but totally different in flavor. In taste, Lil’ Paddy’s toes the line between tradition and versatility, while remaining a nostalgically authentic product.

What’s INside

All our ingredients are carefully selected, cooked when perfectly ripe and never frozen. Lil’ Paddy’s Pickles are free from preservatives, gluten free, and vegan.

A taste of India in Vancouver